Packaged Programs

Training & Education Courses

All training sessions can be scheduled as part of faculty and staff professional development, classroom presentations, webinars, planning workshops, lunch-and-learns, or department retreats. Training can also be tailored to address other specific departmental needs. 

  • Understanding and Managing Conflict
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Corporate Culture & Civility
  • Creating a Code of Collaboration
  • Accountability Actions
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Peace is Your Personal Power (Motivation and Empowerment)

Conflict Management 101

This is our basic course, which includes a general review of conflict and its management. We address:

  • What is conflict?
  • Why do we have conflict?
  • What is perception checking?
  • What are our triggers?
  • How do we respond when triggered?
  • What are our choices and how do we make them?
  • What are the likely consequences of these choices?
  • How should we use problem-solving skills and steps?
  • How do we look for integrative solutions?
  • What is my conflict style?

The course also includes practical skill-building through role-playing. (4 to 8 hours) 

Fee Schedule

Other costs to consider

  • Material costs (assessments)
  • Facility fees
  • Location of the events (travel and hotel accommodations) 

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