Facilitated Dialog

Our Approach Is Based On Values

Using the Roger Schwarz values-based, systemic approach to facilitation, our facilitators do not make decisions on the substance of the matter, only the parties do.

This process is based on the principles of effective human interaction where we serve as a neutral party to help the group explore different perspectives. 

Key Elements of the Skilled Facilitator Approach

The Group Effectiveness Model
A Clearly Defined Facilitator Role
Useful in a Wide Range of Roles
Explicit Core Values
Ground Rules for Effective Groups
Diagnosis-Intervention Cycle
Low-Level Inferences
Exploring and Changing How We Think
Develop a Process for Agreeing on How to Work Together

Steps for Facilitated Conversations

Step 1


The neutral third-party sets the parties at ease and explains the ground rules. The facilitator’s role is not to make a decision but to help both parties reach a mutual agreement by explaining that he/she will not take sides.

Step 2

Telling the Story

Each party tells what happened. The person bringing the complaint tells his/her side of the story first. Then, the other party explains his/her version of the facts. No interruptions are allowed.

Step 3

Identifying Facts and Issues

The facilitator attempts to identify agreed upon facts and issues. This is done by listening to each side, summarizing each party’s views, and asking if these are the facts and issues as each party understands them.

Step 4

Identifying Alternative Solutions

Everyone thinks of possible solutions to the problem. The facilitator makes a list and asks each party to explain his/her feelings about each possible solution.

Step 5

Revising and Discussing Solutions

Based on the expressed feelings of the parties, the facilitator revises possible solutions and attempts to identify a solution to which both parties can agree.

Step 6

Reaching Agreement

The facilitator helps the parties to reach an agreement with which both can live. The parties should also discuss what will happen if either of them breaks the agreement.

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