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The Corporate Confidence 7 C’s

Corporate Confidence Community is made up of professionals who exemplify the Corporate Confidence 7 C’s: 


Possessing integrity, humility, grit,  determination, diligence, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

 Character. That’s what you do consistently that are aligned to your values, beliefs, needs, and wants. Often times people self-sabotage and cannot communicate their character consistently. Corporate Confidence Feels that everyone Is a corporation and brand management is important. Our workshops that cover character as a key-value help participant be informed about the effect they have on others so that they can identify blind spots in communicating their character. 


Dependability and capability to rally others around a cause.

Being a collaborator means that you know how to ask sincere questions with kindness. It’s the ability to separate your perspectives and add curiosity to learn more from someone else’s judgment on your lack of knowledge. Corporate Confidence offers Methods to individuals so they can walk away with confidence and self-esteem intact no matter how others respond to the topic of conversations. 


Aware of your personal presence and power. 

Aware of self in shared spaces. Having charisma is being consciously aware of the implications and affects of an individuals behavior. Having charisma is being cautious and owning how one intends to respond to issues regardless of what’s going on in the moment. Charisma is an essential part of keeping calm and conflict. It is the ability to be a peacekeeper and create calmness in the mist of chaos. 


Passionate about your purpose and motivated to complete goals. 

Follow up, check-in and call in skills. Transparency processes and creating patterns of follow-up. Being committed is being consistent to accomplish goals and changing routes to our final destination. Corporate Confidence can coach individuals to how to stay on target and complete tasks in small steps in the right direction. 


Innovative and creative with unique solution-focused ideas.

Exploring options and not operating from a idea of limited resources. Having a radical imagination to explore options helps an individual bring so many opportunities. Being open and creative is a part of growth mindset. Corporate Confidence offers techniques and processes to support creative problem solving. There doesn’t have to be a storm in the brain storm. 


Development and improvement of the mind in the study of your craft. 

The desire to take time to and study a craft.  Open to news ideas and ways of doing things. Able to identify triggers. When a person is open to new ideas it helps them establish the subjectivity of each persons viewpoint and this can assist us in remaining separate from someone else’s judgment even if we don’t agree. It allows us to know that there is no right or wrong way we just have different views. Being cultured is the process of establishing separateness an acceptance. The Corporate Confidence identified the value of being cultured as critical part of success. It is the blending of emotional intelligence and business etiquette procedures. 


Clear communicator who can keep calm during conflict. 

Being confident is being genuine. When you are completely genuine, you will inspire and motivate others, and become energized rather than drained. We know that confidence gives you greater presence, connection and applies in all areas of life. Being confident increases an individuals capacity to listen fully and speak authentically, and an opportunity to connect with your unique inner voice, speak from the heart, and listen deeply. 

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